You will find your kit list below outlining what to bring on your voyage - please read it carefully.

Sailing may well be a new or scary idea for you, but by following this kit list you will be ready for anything your voyage will throw at you!


Top Tips


  • Space is very limited on board the boat, so bringing too many changes of clothes isn’t necessary. Please bring your kit in a soft kitbag or holdall that can be packed down small, not a suitcase or bag with a metal frame. We recommend also bringing some carrier bags or small drybags to organise your kit within your locker, and to keep dry and wet kit separate.  You will usually get 2 of the blue lockers for all of your kit (see the picture to the right)


  • Wear lots of layers, and clothes that will dry easily such as microfibre fleeces. Please don’t bring jeans.


  • You may bring your mobile phone if you like, it should only be used when you are off-watch, and never on deck. The Sea Staff reserve the right to confiscate phones that are proving a distraction for reasons of safety. Boats can get very damp (even inside), and we are not liable for loss or damage to phones or any of your personal kit. 


  • Your feet may well get wet on board, so bring a second pair of shoes that you can get wet in, or a pair of wellies. Cheap ones from Sports Direct or similar shops are great. Please don’t bring walking boots, shoes with marking soles, or wellies with mud on the bottom!


  • If your voyage is marked as a ‘passport voyage’, then please bring your passport, EHIC and any travel documents such as visas that you require.


  • For your voyage we will provide you with a sailing waterproof jacket and trousers, also known as ‘oilskins’. We will also provide you with a lifejacket and safety harness.


Kit List:


We provide:

What you need to bring:

  • Sleeping bag and pillow case. We provide pillows, but you can bring your own if you wish.

  • Clothes - there is limited space so bring a complete change of clothes for every 2 days you're on board.

  • Underwear - you'll need a fresh pair of underwear and socks for each day onboard.

  • Soft-soled trainers or plimsolls.

  • Waterproof boots or wellies or a second pair of soft shoes or beach shoes.

  • Windproof/waterproof jacket to wear ashore or when it’s too warm for your oilskins.

  • Warm hat and gloves

  • Towel and Wash kit – as much or as little as you want (within reason)! Include some wet wipes or flannel for hygiene for if water is limited.

  • Sun cream, sunglasses, sunhat with a brim.

  • Swimming kit – please note we don’t go swimming on every voyage

  • Book, cards or something to do when you are off-watch.

  • Spare glasses if needed

  • Sufficient prescription medication to last the full duration of your voyage.


The following items are prohibited on all MST voyages. They will be confiscated, and you may even be asked to leave if you are found to be violating the onboard rules:

  • Alcohol (even if over-18)

  • Drugs except prescription medication

  • Knives or any kind of weapon

  • Torches

  • Large quantities of energy drinks or fizzy drinks

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