Morning Star’s sails are both the ‘engine’ that powers the boat, but also the ‘engine’ that drives amazing change in the lives of those who sail with us.  


Changing a headsail on the bowsprit requires trainees to work together and teaches resilience and the rewards of perseverance. Hoisting sails gives trainees the opportunity to take the lead, and learn communication and problem solving.

Without our sails we can’t deliver our vision of youth ministry at sea, and young people inspired to live their lives to the full.  


Morning Star’s sails have served her well, but the majority are over a decade old, and have exceeded their effective lives. The newest sail on the boat, the staysail, was made in 2012, and the oldest, the mizzen, is from the 1990s!  

We need to raise £18,000 to begin a rolling programme of sail replacement, which is where we need your help. We received a very generous donation to replace the mizzen, our oldest sail, but the jibs are also in desperate need of replacement this year. 

Jibs, the front-most sail, flap and flog when we are manoeuvring the boat and take a real battering throughout their lives. The No2 Jib is our ‘heavy wind’ jib, and was condemned by the sailmaker two years ago, though we have been able to keep it in service with regular repairs. Our No1 Jib, for light winds, is 20 years old this spring, and is made of a thick canvas that is too heavy for the lightest winds and is difficult for smaller or younger trainees to handle when wet.

All our new sails will be made from modern ‘dacron’ sailcloth, which is lighter and easier for young people to work with than traditional materials, as well as being more cost effective. We would expect these new sails to last another 10 years, taking Morning Star to her 50th birthday, covering up to 50,000nm and directly impacting the lives of over 2000 trainees.  

For donations of £500 or greater, we would be delighted to put a name on a patch sewn to the sail, so your generosity is remembered for the full life of the sail.   


We are also actively looking for a corporate sponsor who would have their logo/website printed on the topsails and/or sail cover in exchange for supporting our work. 

New Sail Prices

In order of necessity:

Mizzen - £2200 - Ordered

No.1 Jib - £2247 - Ordered

No.2 Jib - £1650 - Ordered

Jib Topsail - £992 - Ordered

Mainsail - £4000 

Main Topsail - £1239 

Mizzen Topsail = £1000 

Staysail - £1386

Mizzen Staysail - £2200 

Sail Covers - £1100 - Ordered


Total = £18,014

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