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'Ministering to the whole person, inspiring them to live life in all it's fullness'

We aim to minister to the whole person in a way no church, or even any standard residential setting, can usually achieve. 

As individuals and groups come up against physical, relational and emotional challenges in the context of a small group living and working together to crew a sailing vessel, life changing growth is often the result.  In this context there is an openness to spiritual reality that can be particularly powerful and form a major part of a person's growth.  


We find that the spiritual growth does not outgrow the gain in self-confidence or the emotional growth.  It is therefore likely to be more lasting and real in the person's life than, say, just responding to a Gospel message in shore based home or church life. 


Thus what we do differs from other sail training organisations.  They have all the personal development objectives, and the best of them achieve these well.  We see the spiritual element as an integral part of the healing and growth of the whole person.  Without the spiritual, the rest is good but incomplete.  Without those other growth factors, the spiritual is superficial, and out of kilter with the maturity of the person as a whole.  

The MST difference puts some of the following into youth development:


Ministry is at the heart of the mission.  Our sea staff pray together daily and discern God's will for the day/rest of the voyage.  Ministry time is offered to any individual/group who requests, usually providing true encounters onboard.


All of our sea staff are members of the MST family, we all know each other well and try to create community during all of our voyages.

We want young people to feel that they belong to something more.


Jesus commissions us to love our neighbour as ourselves.  Care for one another is at the heart of our mission.  There is space for discussion, mentoring and fellowship.


When onboard, we all serve one another.  This starts by taking it in turns to make a cup of tea for each crew member in the morning.  We cook for each other, clean the vessel together and on mission voyages we serve the local community and other Sail Training vessels.

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