What could you do with a week?

Day 1

Join the boat, meet your crew-mates and unpack 

Receive a safety briefing before departing the marina

Put up the sails and practise manoeuvring the boat 

Anchor in a quiet creek for dinner and to play cards

Day 2

Depart early and have breakfast underway 

Sail through the day, taking turns to be 'on watch'

Arrive in a new port and spend some time exploring

Return to the boat for showers and to plan tomorrow

Day 3

Help the crew pilot the boat out of the harbour

Day 4

Put into practice when you’ve learned so far this week as you set sails without staff instruction. 

Start to take the lead with simple tasks like putting up the sails or dropping the anchor.

Try navigating the boat to your evening destination

Day 5

Wake up to a cup of tea and a hearty breakfast to set you up for a final day of sailing.

Enjoy being outside, with the wind in your face, feeling the exhilaration of sailing back to the hto disembark and say farewell to your new friends.