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The Morning Star Trust has, over the last 45 years, become a family of people with a simple philosophy, to enable people to go sailing offshore and have life changing experiences.


We are a small organisation, blessed with a dedicated team of around fifty volunteers who serve alongside our base team, acting as Sea Staff on voyages, helping with maintenance, or coordinating administration. Most of our team first came onboard our vessels as young people themselves and want you to be able to enjoy sailing too.

We are a Christian sailing charity.  Our staff and volunteers believe that God’s love is for everyone and that we are more than flesh and blood. We see people holistically, that is as mind, body, and spirit. Wholeness and wellbeing come from a healthy attention to all aspects of our being. Our volunteers cover a broad spectrum of what being Christian means, but all are committed to sharing God’s love.  We do this by who we are, the way we live and, if people are interested, by discussing their questions. We have a gentle approach, not imposing on anyone, but simply valuing them for who they are. For us, to love God is to love life and as a charity our priority is people not profit.

You don’t have to be a Christian to sail with us, people of all faiths or none are equally welcome.

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