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The Morning Star Trust is committed to making sure that sailing is accessible to everyone and we heavily subsidise the costs of our voyages for young people through our fundraising. For example, a five-day voyage costs MST £730 per person to run, but we only charge £400. 

If you can’t sail with is simply because of the cost, the first thing to do is tocontact usas we may know of additional funding you can access and will be able to advise you on what to do.  These additional funds are normally means-tested, which means that the funding organisation will want to know your situation.  


We recommend that you book and pay your deposit before applying for bursaries as most bursary providers expect you to show commitment. In extraordinary cases we can reserve voyage places without deposit, please contact us.  


We have our own bursary fund you can apply to 

Morning Star Trust Under 26's Bursary

Every year we fundraise to provide additional support to young people (15-25) sailing with us.  We may be able to part fund your voyage with us if you are 25 or under and would struggle to pay for your voyage. 

Other organisations that provide bursaries that may also be able to help you include:

James Myatt Sailing Trust 

Support may be offered to young people who are 16 to 25 years old and would not usually be able to afford the voyage.


The Seven Seas Club Baxter & Grimshaw Trust 

Support may be offered young people who are under 25 and have come from a disadvantaged background (i.e. in care, low income family, single parent family etc.)​ Contact for more information. 

The David Chilcott Fund

Assists disadvantaged children and young people to attend Christian holidays and conferences, who without financial help would be unable to attend.


Sail on Board

New bursary opportunities are regularly promoted on the Sail Training International "Sail on Board" Website.

Bursary providers typically expect participants to contribute to their voyage. Fundraising ideas and advice from the Association of Sail Training Organisations (ASTO) can be found here

You are responsible for paying the difference between any awarded bursaries and the voyage fee and for paying your voyage fee if you are unsuccessful in gaining a bursary award. 

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