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01243 908026

Please be aware that we don't have a permanent office presence and so can't always pick up the phone, especially when the weather is nice and all the team are sailing! We will endeavour to respond to as many voicemails as we can, but contacting us via email or the form above is preferred. 

We maintain a 24/7 safety contact with our vessels at sea. If you need to contact a participant or boat, for example regarding a family emergency, the duty shore contact can be reached on 01243 908091. Please note this line is for emergencies only and not for general enquiries. 

Direct Boat Phone Numbers

Each boat has a mobile which is turned on at the beginning and end of voyages. If you are joining the boat and need any last-minute information, such as berth details, please call:

Bright Star - 07760 664559

Eastern Star - 07859 747612

Guiding Star - 07360 985757

find us

Our boats primarily operate from Northney Marina, Northney Road, Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 0NH. For information about other ports, please download the relevant joining instructions

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