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RYA Cruising Instructor


The first step for an experienced Yachtmaster looking to progress to teaching within the cruising scheme is to become qualified as an RYA Cruising Instructor. Cruising Instructors can teach Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses whilst working for an RYA Recognised Training Centre such as the Morning Star Trust. 

This is a five day course led by a Cruising Instructor Trainer, joined on the fifth day by a second trainer who will act as a moderator. You will also be sent an online pre-course learning module to ensure your theoretical skills are at the level required of an RYA Instructor. 


Unlike some schools, our Cruising Instructor courses are dedicated instructor training courses, and are not included with other courses or students. There is always a maximum of four students on our Cruising Instructor courses. 

Candidates must have a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence, a valid First Aid Certificate and must be an RYA personal member.

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