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We are piloting some new courses to encourage people to develop their skills and gain confidence in their sailing ability.  These are not courses that lead to accredited qualifications, they are simply designed to boost skills and confidence. 

The first of these is the Second Fiddlers Course which is for those of us who have sailed a lot, maybe on a family boat, and yet always find ourselves managing the deck as the boat comes onto a buoy or a pontoon. Maybe we have been given the title ‘First Mate’ but not the time to practice what that really means. If your Skipper fell overboard have you been able to practice how to get them back? We do not often get opportunities to lead on navigation and engine checks and it’s frustrating. We really need an opportunity to prove to ourselves that we are as good as others in this field and to hone our skills. If this sounds familiar, then this short course is for you to get hands-on experience and move from second to first fiddle. Steph, our Chief Instructor, and Dani, our Fleet Manager, will work together to run the course combining their sailing and maintenance experience to facilitate a space for you to affirm your own knowledge and gain confidence. 

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