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RYA Shorebased Courses

Shorebased theory courses are an essential part of the RYA training programme, and are designed to fit around your progression through practical qualifications. 

They give students key skills in chartwork, navigation and meteorology to make safer and more confident sailors.


We have partnered with Skippers Online to offer our students access to online RYA shorebased training. 

Lessons are fully narrated with personal insights, and delivered with interactive animations and graphics to help you gain a full knowledge of each subject in the course syllabus. They are intuitive and easy to follow, whilst more complex subjects are carefully explained, with animated elements and step by step illustrations, that you can go over again and again until you fully understand them. Regular quizzes reinforce your learning, and exercises at the end of each lesson confirm your progress to fully prepare you for your mock and final exams.

Booking your theory course through MST also helps to support our charitable work with young people and vulnerable adults at sea. 

Why study online?

Studying shorebased courses online means you can complete the training in your own time and at your own pace. You can quickly move through topics you are confident in, but slow down and repeat other topics. By having control of your learning you can take as long as you need to complete the course, fitting it in around other commitments. Learning from home also offers time and cost savings compared to travelling to a classroom.

Unlimited, prompt support from experienced RYA instructors is offered throughout the course, and there are regular assessments to ensure you are on course. 

Not sure about online learning? Click here to complete a free trial lesson. 

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